About Suzanne 

Suzanne Penney has known that she was clairvoyant since the age of three. She is a published author and an experienced healer and energy worker. 
She now uses all of these gifts to channel unique readings and messages in poetry form, direct from spirit, to bring healing and guidance to her clients. 
These messages, although pertinent at the time of receiving, are also designed to travel on the recipients journey with them through the many twists and turns of their life, and with each new learning and insight the reader will glean new inspiration and interpretation from their original reading. 

Why get a Soul Verse reading? 

Soul Verse readings are a uniquely different way of getting insight or guidance on a situation in your life. They are gentle and heartfelt and designed to give the reader inspiration and comfort as well as a deep insight into their very soul. 
Due to the fact that we have all lived a completely different set of events and experiences, each channelled piece of work will mean something different to everyone who reads it. 
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