I was given a great idea from an old friend whilst we were at a meeting. I had been wondering for ages how to get my inspiring messages to a wider audience. He simply turned to me and said, "why do you not just write something once and sell to many". What a simple concept, one that I had completely not considered!! It was a real Doh! moment. 
One of my very close friends is an amazing photographer and I asked him to send me a beautiful woodland scene to try out my new idea of combining beautiful words with amazing photography. I was going to produce these as posters in the conventional sense, however, on speaking with a very dynamic printer, he suggested that I try a new media of reusable wallpaper. 
So this is what I have done. The wallpaper can be moved around 100 times, cannot be torn, can be wiped clean and will not damage wall surfaces so can be used in the home and office with total confidence. 
Here is my first example, of which I am very proud. 
It is my intention to have lots of images and texts that people can order. I know that I often like one design but in a different colour for example, aspiring pictures and words that speak to them directly in whatever combination they choose. 
Whispers heard above the trees 
That hint of our abilities, 
Why are we so quick to doubt 
When all that we should do is shout: 
I can! I will! Just let me do 
All that I am able to. 
So do not fear and hide away, 
Just stand up tall and face the day, 
And know that all you want to do 
You can achieve, believe it’s true, 
And miracles will happen, see 
Your dreams become reality. 
So never doubt and live in fear. 
Just know that all you want is near. 
Please don’t delay or hesitate, 
There really is no need to wait. 
So just remember that to see 
Your dreams, belief it is the key. 
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