In these times of mobile phones, emails, social media and the like could the feeling of permanent availability actually harm us? 
Do you find it difficult to switch off? Do you feel guilty for not getting back to people instantly or for limiting your availability? Does saying the word “No” fill you with anxiety or dread? Does it sometimes feel as if everyone wants a piece of you, until you feel drained and exhausted? 
Feeling like this for a sustained period of time will fuel overwhelm and eventually lead to burn out. 
Remember that you are a human being and not a machine. Just because someone else feels that their problem or need is urgent consider is their issue urgent to you at this moment in time before you leap into action? You deserve to be able to switch off and take time out and away from the constant demand on your time and energy. 
Whether work or family demands, everyone needs to have downtime, me time, where they unplug themselves from the chaos of this modern-day world to re-charge and heal themselves. Just because something is urgent to someone else, they also need to respect that unless you get your rest and relaxation you may not be there to sort out their next problem or issue. Remember that being kind and treating others as you would like to be treated also applies to how you treat yourself. So be kind to yourself. 
Here are some ideas for ‘me-time’: 
• Take time out, 
• go for a walk, 
• listen to some music, or 
• read a book, 
and do not feel guilty for giving something to yourself. 
By giving yourself this time, you are honouring yourself and allowing your body and mind to rest to become the very best version of yourself so that you are in a better position to take your place back in the chaotic modern world that we seem to have created. 
If you need some tips for how to say “no” then you can read my next blog which will cover this in detail. 
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