Why do we define ourselves so much by what we look like and compare ourselves to others? 

Does our outer shell really matter that much?  
Why do we waste our lives worrying about what others think about us rather than just getting on with and enjoying our lives. 
Is what we look like more important than the smile on 
our faces or kind thoughts and words to others. Are we judged more by our size or our clothes or by how much we laugh,  
,how much fun we are or how we treat others? 
Do our loved ones, who in all reality are the ones whose opinions really count, if any actually do see those extra pounds or a hair  
out of place? Do they not love us for the imperfect souls that we all are? What does the opinion of people who we do not know  
and who certainly do not know us matter? In fact do they even notice us or is that negative voice in our head the only one thinking those thoughts? 
Remember, if you don’t like something about your life the only one who can change that is you?  
Either change the situation or, if that is not possible, change how you think about it. 
Life is short. 
Be kind to others definitely, but more importantly, be kind to yourself too. 
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