When your life is firmly ensconced in the  spiritual world... 

When your life is firmly ensconced in the spiritual world, whether due to beliefs or work, your circle of friends or family, you would like to have thought that everyone would be living a life of true peace, love and harmony.  
However, this is often not the case. 
We are all of course human, with all the same insecurities, faults and issues as everyone else and sadly all that this entails. 
Due to our ‘beliefs’, we can often be more judgemental of our fellow spiritual brothers and sisters when they fail to behave in a way that suits us or how we, who are obviously perfect, expect them to behave. 
Now that is fine, we can all believe what we want and think about what we want to think. It is of course, a free world. However, this becomes a problem when we vent and start to spread our perceived wrongs to others.  
Nevermore so if this is done on social media. Not everyone will know the full picture, including the person venting and by doing this they could seriously damage the reputation of the person whose actions have incited their wrath. 
Do not be so naive to think that naming no names is ok. The spiritual community is a small one and calling people to support your cause or offer you support for your perceived wrong is nothing short of manipulation. This is especially so when you have a strong following of even more naive people who do not even possess all the facts that you do. This is wrong and so far from living in love, light and peace than can ever be. 
Whether your perceived slight is work-based or ideas-driven be assured that there is enough work and people in this world to go around. Just think for a moment, in the town where you live, how often do you go to the supermarket and see people who you do not know? Every week I guess and this is just one shop in one town. There are currently 7.53 billion people in the world. More than enough to share ideas or work with. 
Your positive energy will attract the right people to you. People will work with and follow those with whom their energy resonates. 
Negativity will repel. It will fester, it will divide and it will destroy. It will attract the wrong people into your life. People who will drain you or feed your negativity back to you. 
Instead be proud that you have inspired others to do well, that they think so highly of your ideas that they choose to do something with them in their own way. 
Trying to hold onto things too tightly will cause blockages. It is unhealthy and it states loudly to the universe that you do not believe in its bountiful ability to provide abundance to all. Also if what you are trying to hold onto is so great, then should it not be given to a wider audience than you would ever be able to reach on your own? 
Trust instead in the universe from where this gift has come in the first place. It was gifted to you, so who are you to decide who else it should be gifted to? 
Be glad instead that some of the burden of spreading your message has been lifted from your shoulders and others are there to help you carry the load. Walk your walk and talk your talk and live your life truly in love, light and peace... 
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On 27th July 2019 at 09:12, Ruthie wrote:
A beautiful poignant article and so relevant right now. Thank you
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