An incantation is a spell or intent written in verse. Incantations can be written for any use, either as a mantra for meditation or use in spell or ritual work and anywhere in between. There are a few guidelines however, all such intents should be only for the highest good for yourself and the world in general.  
The wiccan creed is very simple: “Do as thy will an harm none”. You must never try and directly influence any other person or their free will. For example, if writing an incantation to try and find a new mate then you must never have one particular person in mind, as this would be working against their free will and incantations and spell work is very powerful. Instead, think about the qualities of the person that you are attracted to and ask that a person with these attributes will come into your life. Also it is very important to be specific.  
The Universe will always choose the quickest route to give you what you desire and if you are not specific you could end up getting more than you bargained for or something which fulfils what you asked for but not what you meant!! I will need to know what you actually want as an outcome and then will craft the words around this desire. 
A few examples of incantation uses are: 
For Meditation 
To attract love 
To attract money 
To release yourself from a person or situation 
For confidence 
For use during a Sabbat ritual. 
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