Abundance Spell Bottle 

Abundance comes in many forms, health, wealth, happiness, love and so on. This spell is designed to help you channel in and attract abundance into your life in the ways that you need and desire. 
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Confidence Spell Bottle 

If you need confidence for a particular reason such as an interview or date or just a general increase in your overall confidence then this is the spell for you right now. 

House Blessing Spell Bottle 

This spell will help to dispel negative energies from your home and surround and fill it with positive energies and blessings. 

Communication Spell Bottle 

If you need to make sure that something you need to communicate is understood by others or that you need to understand what someone else is trying to communicate to you then this spell will aid you with that outcome. It will also help you to focus to be able to construct your important communication in the best way to achieve the outcome that you desire. 

Good Luck Spell Bottle 

Sometimes we all need a bit of good luck. This spell will help you to attract positive energy to yourself and make you more aware of opportunities that present themselves to you resulting in an outcome which could be seen as by other as serendipity or good luck, only you will know the truth! 

Banish Negativity Spell Bottle 

If you have been feeling surrounded by negativity or been spending time in the company of negative people then this spell will help you to release these emotions and clear your energy field. 

Healing Spell Bottle 

If you feel in general need of healing energy to surround you or a loved one then this spell will help you to direct your energies in the right way. This should be used in conjunction with modern medicine and not as a replacement for it. 

Love Spell Bottle 

If you are looking to attract new love into your life then this is the spell for you. Remember though that you need to be ecological about this and must not try to affect another persons’ free will. Instead be clear about the properties of the person you wish to attract into your life. 

Truth Spell Bottle 

This spell is designed to help you know the truth of a matter. This is not to be done lightly as sometimes you may not be ready to know the truth. Be really sure that you are happy for the truth about something or someone to be revealed to you before using this spell and that you will accept what you are shown. 

Will Power Spell Bottle 

People need a boost of will power for many reasons, beating an addiction or in avoiding a certain person or situation that is not of benefit to us. This spell helps to enhance and boost your will power, thus giving you extra strength and support when you most need it. 

Success Spell Bottle 

This spell will help you to attract the success you desire into your life, whether in the work place or your personal life, use this spell to help you focus on and attract the positive outcome that you want to achieve. 

Joy & Happiness Spell Bottle 

This spell is perfect for you if you are looking to attract more joy and/or happiness into your life. 

Focus Spell Bottle 

If you are feeling out of sorts and finding it difficult to focus on a task or make a decision about something this spell will help you to get in the right frame of mind and achieve fantastic results by helping you to focus clearly on your goal and clearly set your intent. 

Emotional Healing & Release Spell Bottle 

If you have suffered a shock, bereavement or upset then you may well benefit from using this spell to help you to start to heal your emotional state. 

Energy Spell Bottle 

If you are feeling that your energy field is depleted or needs a boost then this spell will help you to enhance your energy and enable you to achieve your intended goal or outcome with ease. 


Sometimes we hold onto situations and feelings that no longer serve us. This can lead to us feeling uncomfortable and unhappy. This gentle spell helps to release these feelings and situations thus enabling you to start feeling more like yourself again. 


Working with spirit means that you can leave yourself open to attack from negative forces. Sometimes you will be aware of this happening but mostly you will not. Such attacks can manifest themselves with runs of bad luck, ill health and depression. This spell will help you to protect yourself against such attacks in the future but should not be used instead of other forms of protection that you use. If you think that you may already be under such an attack then you should always see professional help to remove any attachments or entities from you. Please follow the link below for more information of professionals who can help you with this. 
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