So you have to give a speech and you do not know where to start. It’s bad enough knowing that you have got to stand  up in front of all of those people, without then having to worry about what on earth you’re going to actually say.   Will I remember it?  Will anyone laugh?  Do I want them to laugh?  and so on….   Well, I can help you. Let me know the occasion, what you want to include and a few details about the people involved and I will be able to help you.  Whether it’s a meeting with clients or a best man's speech, a networking presentation or a thank you speech for an award, I will be able to remove all that tension of writing the speech from you.  I can also help you with gaining the confidence to deliver the words themselves too.  So, if you would like some help with a speech just get in touch.  You have nothing to lose and may just gain back some sanity in the process.   

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