Soul Verse Spiritual Readings 

Messages channelled to you in poetry form from the spirit providing intuitive guidance and clarity to assist you in your personal growth and empowerment. 

Seeking Help & Guidance 

We all experience difficult times and situations when we need help and guidance. 
If you ask for help it will come in interesting ways, you only need to be receptive to it, it is never far from you. Rejoice in how it comes. 
This is your opportunity to seek guidance 
...about an issue, question, situation or problem that currently surrounds you. You may fear the future or the past, but it is the present that can make a difference right now for your brighter future. 
Open your mind gain a better understanding about your current situation that is causing you emotional discomfort. New experiences will come into your life enabling you to see life from a different perspective. 

What is a Soul Verse Spiritual poetry reading? 

The Celtic poet was sought out to answer questions and give guidance about the omens and signs that those of ordinary intellect could not decode. 
A Soul Verse reading is a message channelled for you in poetry form from spirit. These readings are totally unique and can be combined with a healing treatment. 
The message can also be explained in more detail for the sitter, providing insight and meaning should you so wish. The poem can be emailed or can be framed and posted depending on desire and budget. Each spiritual reading session takes around 30 minutes. 

Where can I obtain my Soul Verse reading? 

The Celtic poet was sought out to answer questions and give guidance about the omens and signs that those of ordinary intellect could not decode. 
I provide visits to clients in their own homes within a 20 mile radius.  
I can also give distance readings by email, all I need is a photograph of the person who would like a reading, ensuring that I can clearly see their eyes, so no sunglasses please. 
I sometimes attend events occurring throughout the country, any that I will be attending will be listed here, and would be happy to provide a reading for you there. 

Purchase books on Soul Verse poetry to bring you inspirational messages 

Soul Verse - Volume One 
Soul Verse - Volume Two 

The Way of the Elementals THE WIND 

You touch my cheek, gently caress 
You've danced with leaves and toyed with less 
As a child you flew my kite 
I knew not then of your great might 
Of ships you'd tossed and thrown to ground 
The fear of those who heard your sound 
You who blows the seeds, gives life 
But also brings much loss and strife 
You hold power in your hand 
Against your might not one can stand 
You choose at will what you will take 
And leave destruction in your wake 
And yet so playful you can be 
The way you tease is fun to see 
But when anger strikes your heart 
The very seas and oceans part 
From east to west and south to north 
You bring warmth and winter forth 
Without you clouds would cease to be 
And birds could never be so free 
I love to lay and hear your cries 
As you battle through the skies 
Your mighty power fills with awe 
All who hear your mighty roar 
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