Soul Verse Spiritual Readings 

Give the gift of Insight 
A Soul Verse reading is a message channelled for you in poetry form from the spirit world.  
These readings are totally unique and can be given at a distance by email, all that Sue needs is a photograph of the person who would like a reading ensuring that the eyes can be clearly seen. 
It was not into my ear you whispered,  
but into my heart. 
It was not my lips you kissed,  
but my soul. 

Special Offer for August, September and October 2019 

Remote Spiritual Reading By Email  
Have you ever considered giving a unique and personalised gift to someone you love? 
A Soul Verse Spiritual Reading is channelled to you in poetry form from the spirit providing intuitive guidance and clarity to assist you, or your loved one, in your or their personal growth and empowerment. 
Please complete the "Soul Verse Spiritual Readings Order Form" with: 
your name 
your email address 
the subjects name 
any messge you may wish to send to Sue, and  
a facial photo of the subject.  
The photo must clearly show the eyes, which must not be obscured by sunglasses. 

Soul Verse Spiritual Readings Order Form 

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