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Spell Jars


Wishing spells in a jar

Spells: Quantity:
Banish negativity
Emotional healing/Release
Good Luck
House Blessing
Will Power


Our Spell Jars have been created for a range of specific purposes. Each Jar comes with a selection of top-quality herbs chosen for their associated properties for that individual spell, an item to represent each of the four corners (a candle for the fire of the south, a crystal for the earth of the north, a feather for the winds of the east, a small vial to contain water to represent the west). They also contain a charm and a scroll on coloured paper with the words of the spell written on it.

Each spell also comes with detailed instructions on how to cast it, including instructions on what to do and not to do as well as remaining ethical and pure of heart at all times. The wording for calling in the four corners to be able to cast your circle to protect yourself and give more power to that spells casting is also included.

Remember that intent and belief are the strongest parts of spell weaving. If you don’t believe in a spell or have your intent set correctly then chances of success are slim. No results can be guaranteed and you should not use spells in place of seeking qualified medical assistance.

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